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The Florida Lottery company was created in 1986 year with constitutional amendment, when voters gave their approval to create a lottery that will use all it's proceeds to enhance public education in Florida state.

Florida Lotto game was created in 1988 year and first Florida Lotto tickets was sold on April 20th, 1988 year.

On the right picture : Florida Lottery logo with logo of all main lotto, number and scratch cards games, available in Florida state.
Florida Lottery presents Florida Lotto
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Florida Lotto is a classic traditional draw-style lottery game, where players select 6 numbers, from a range of numbers from 1 to 53.

On the left picture : Florida Lotto blanc playslips coupons, used by local players to choose their lucky numbers and to play this Florida Lotto game.
There are three big American lotto games, mean POWERBALL, MEGAMILLIONS and HOT LOTTO However, Florida Lotto is still one of the most popular lotto games in the United States, thanks to it's fast-growing jackpot, great other prizes, easy style of play, and decent odds of winning.
On this page below, you will find all the detailed information about our Florida Lotto, like Florida Lotto Basics, Florida Lotto Latest Results, and other interesting information about this lotto game.

Florida Lotto Lottery Basics

Jackpot (1st Prize) in Florida Lotto, begins at minimum of
$3 Millions and when not won increases every draw, mean continues to climb every drawing that nobody matches all six lucky winning numbers.
There are no any limits on the level of jackpots in Florida Lotto and the 1st prize will keep "rolling over" until the jackpot is won.
Overall, there are four different ways to win a prize and anyone who is 18 or older can play Florida Lotto, even if you are not a USA citizen.
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Florida Lotto ticket.
The Florida Lotto draws are held twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays 23:15 local time, mean 11:15pm Eastern time and are broadcasted live by local television station.
To win the jackpot, you must match 6 winnings numbers from a 53 numbers guess range.
Florida Lotto prize amounts change every draw and are based on the volume of sales and the number of winners in each prize division (tier).  Non-jackpot prizes range from $5 to approximately $6,000, with second prize vary from around $2,000 approximately, up to $10,000 in the past.
On the left picture : Florida Lotto ticket.
Florida Lotto Jackpot is paid in 30 annual installments. You may also choose to pay your jackpot as  a single lump sum payment. However, if you choose one time payment, then the cash value of your jackpot is about 43%, of the jackpot figure. Of course, the choice is yours and made when you claim your jackpot prize.
There is a tax requirement of about 30%.

The odds of hitting the jackpot in
Florida Lotto, are 1 in 22,957,480.
When five main numbers are hitted (2nd Prize), the odds are 1 in 81,410.
You will find winning odds table on the right.
Florida Lotto winning odds table.
To give you some imagination, how much you can win in Florida Lotto, please take a look at the table, at the right. 
It shows the level of prizes was paid, on  example draw of June, 2011 year, and are shown for informational purposes only.
Florida Lotto Prizes and Payout Table

Florida Lotto Latest Results

You may check the latest Florida Lotto Results and Upcoming Draw & Jackpot, right below or at the beginning of this page. Just bookmark or save link to this page for future reference.
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Let's play Florida Lotto online

Florida Lotto playslip coupon.
Of course, when you will like to join Florida Lotto gaming fever, you do not need to go to Florida, in person.

On the left picture : Florida Lotto blank playslip coupon, used by local players.
Local players love to "sketch" their lucky and regular numbers in hope, to win their favourite Florida Lotto game. However, to do so, you need to be physicaly present,  somewhere there in this beautifull, hot and greeny Florida state.
However, when you choose to play Florida Lotto online, you will take this advantage to buy your tickets, from the convenience of your home. No more hurry, no walking out in bad weather, no more waitings in lines, when jackpot is reaching the sky.
Even, when you travel to other state or abroad, you can still buy your favourite Florida Lotto tickets, using computer and Internet connection. Amazing!
In fact, when there is internet connection then, any persons are able to buy a Florida Lotto tickets, from any place around the World, using debit card, credit card or other electronic payment option, from the convenience of your home.
Playing the Florida Lotto over the Internet offers a wide array of benefits that, lottery fans from all over the World could enjoy. To read more about all the advantages and benefits of buying lotto tickets online, please visit our special page : LOTTO ONLINE.

In 2009 year, Florida as a 32nd state lottery have joined Multi-State Lottery Association.
As a result, first POWERBALL lotto lottery tickets were sold on Florida state territory,
on January 4th, 2009 year.

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Online players can choose to purchase tickets in a single form for, a one specific Florida Lotto drawing.
However, if you are regular player, it will become smarter way for you, to buy tickets in multiple drawings. In this case, you can choose from two options.

The first available option is a Subscription. When a player chooses to play with a subscription, their lucky numbers will be entered automatically, in every upcoming drawing for the Florida Lotto,
with every 10th participation FREE.

The second option to buy Florida Lotto tickets to many drawings, is to buy a Multi-Draw form.
A Multi-Draw form offers players the chance to play their lucky numbers for a preset number of
5, 10, 25 or 52 consecutive drawings. The advantage of a Multi-Draw form for the Florida Lotto is that YOU PAY LESS, for each draw your form participates in.
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More facts about Florida Lottery

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The Florida Lottery is a official state government-run lottery, with some lotteries online and scratch cards activity games. Regardless of game, when played localy, you must be 18 of the minimum age, to be able to purchase Florida Lottery ticket or any related games.
Florida Lottery games.
This famous Florida state lottery system started operations in January 12, 1988 year with the primary aim of providing funds for education in the Florida state.
Scratch off game called then "Millionaire" was, the very first game offered by the Florida Lottery and this scratch ticket was sold for $1,-.

Then, the next game released by Florida Lottery group was Florida Lotto, in April 1988 year.
On the right picture : Terminal used to sell Florida Lotto and other Florida lottery games tickets, at one of Florida's retailer.

Retailers, who are selling Florida Lotto tickets, are using such lotto terminals, which are connected online with Florida Lottery main computers.
As well, this terminals allows retailers to sell lottery tickets for other lotteries, like Powerball, Fantasy 5, Mega Money, Play 4 and Cash 3.

florida lotto and lottery tickets selling terminal
The Florida Lotto top prize has usually continued to start at $3 million. It is sometimes decreased to $2 million if the state is struck by a hurricane or other chaotic event.

Florida Lotto jackpot hitted a record of $106 million because the jackpot rolls over every time there is no winner.

Beauty of Florida seasides

Florida is a heaven for people, who are looking for beautifull seasights, holiday places or watching wildlife.

On the right picture : Little Palm Island in Little-Torch-Key Florida.
Play Florida lotto online
When you will win Florida Lotto Jackpot, this hammock is waiting for you to take some rest, after busy choosing lucky numbers.

Playing lottery is a very hard kind of job and you deserve some vacations, on Little Palm Island or other Florida seaside.
Win Florida Lottery
Little Palm Island looks like a hidden treasure in the Florida Keys and is only accessible by boat or seaplane. When you arrive, it's as though you're entering another world, another time.
Florida Lottery online
Florida Lottery played online
When you get bored, laying down on the beach, you may visit "bigger" places like Miami, on the above picture and beautifull Tampa, featured on the left picture.

...or, you may just try your luck again and buy yourself another lottery tickets. Choose your lottery - go to LOTTERIES IN THE WORLD or  LOTTERIES IN AMERICA.
Enjoy and Good luck !

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